Hello everyone, I am Gaurab and I have just conquered a long-fought war against the powerhouse ‘procrastination‘.

I have just broken the financial block by taking a little risk to challenge my ability and comfortability to actually put myself out there in the world.

Growing up to be who I am today, I have created a belief system that keeps reminding me that I have the strong ability to contribute a huge part of me or the time of my existence to humanity. Actually, everyone has their part to play, a role in any form of humanity, it may differ.

As such, I am here to showcase my uniqueness whether by sharing my thoughts, knowledge or whatever I can offer to what the world needs the most.

Now, I have taken the sturdiest step towards my ultimate goal to help you succeed in every aspect of your life. I have embarked upon this biggest venture where I am going to clear my self-doubt.

But believe me, when I say this, I am not fabricating these words because I have been in many situations in life where I have felt the utmost level of despair, pain, and feeling of helplessness.

And I am so proud to have beaten all odds and lead myself to the victory over all circumstances that I had to face which let my inner self recede from view.

Somehow I have managed to escape those depressive episodes of my life. Everyone has to go through this phase at some points in their life.

But you don’t have to be a lone warrior. You deserve a supportive arm that holds you from falling and a person who you can call even if it’s 2 a.m. in the morning.

Through my blog, I want to help you conquer every odd thing that blocks your way from reaching the highest expression of yourself and abundance of your joyous life.

A relentless hunger to self-growth, self-improvement and self-awareness is what has led me to this state.

Trust me, if you follow me through this journey you’ll see yourself changing to the form of you that you are or you aspire to be.