Flame and Candle Wax – Unspoken So Unheard

The possibilities, when named with your grave, pain is simply unbearable. 

Yet some manage to bear it. 

The dreams, when completely shattered, anguish is abundance. 

Yet for some, acceptable.

Physical pain predominantly affects thy physical form. Emotional pain has the ability to decay your mind. 

You shall not forget your whole body dysfunction if thy mind stops functioning. Your agony may disrupt and weaken the brain’s performance and it’s intellect.

Emotional pain is like a flame that melts down candle wax of your mind. Rise in the flame, the quicker the mind departs in the depth of its despair. 

Despite, the ignorance, the negligence, and the inhumane nature of the world continue to thrive into an aware or intended disastrous ending.

Live up to your moral sense. Embrace your distinctive character. Do not fear the fight even if you have to conquer on your own.

Pain can only surge up but never shrink. Either it will grow or stay constant but never diminish. The strength and understanding of oneself have to outweigh its peak. 

Gaurab Pokharel

Only then can thee escape her undivine fate. And, shall begin the creation of one with her own conscience.

  • Gaurab Pokharel

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