Are You Happy or the One Pretending?

How are you?

You may have been asked this question million times.
But I bet you, very few actually meant to know the truth. Right?

Most of us are alone warrior who fought against all odds in the darkest of our days.

All alone.

Then, found ourselves lost somewhere along the journey in the world full of people.

As we all live under the same sky and share some kind of similar problems, I too belong to one of you.

One of you, whose heart felt dead inside but seemed like still breathing outside.

I’m talking to those who feel completely lost in their lives and have no faith in things or people they once believed in or trust.

Faith is the bird that feels light when the dawn is still dark

Rabindranath Tagore

Sometimes, I don’t know who I should identify myself with. 

A winner cause I’m still alive no matter how fucked up my life is.

Or, a victim to all those situations I was dragged into that completely took away my power to control my own life.

Or, what about both?

Everyone who reached their highest potential once failed. Right!

Don’t you think light seems meaningless if there was no darkness?

So I think it’s the combination of both that sums up our ultimate expression.

I’ve had hard times in my life which is obvious because all of us have and life is wired that way for us.

I’ve been in a situation where I’d try too hard to be with someone but simply couldn’t force them to feel the same way I do.

Apart from being skewed in the passage of love, I’ve had a hard time dealing with many unpredicted life situations.

Sometimes the decision we make comes along with a bigger price and hunts us for a very long time. And, it’s hard to get over it.

It is unfair to say that life’s easy because it is not.

Life is like a jungle, you go in with no knowledge of what’s coming.

Gaurab Pokharel

You discover and learn new things, meet people who love you, but there’s also a dark side to that. 

You might find no one to stand by you. And, you might have to be part of it alone. All alone.

People go through psychological and financial problems. They have to work hard in order to make their livelihood sustainable.

In a matter of minutes, you can lose someone you lived with for decades and also meant the world to you. In a matter of days, some people end up having nothing to feed themselves to survive. 

Every second of our time here, someone is suffering on the other side of the world.

We’ve put ourselves in a difficult position where instead of sharing we try to hide all of our pain inside us. 

We struggle to let others in because we are not certain because that could be the monster that we are allowing to let in.

And when it’s too much to hold the pain for our weak shoulders, it will either break into pieces or rise from the ashes. 

Just like that, I suppressed my tears and hid the pain inside because I realized the world around us may not give a fuck about my damn thing. Rather expect us to disown our sadness or pain instead of accepting everything as a way of living.

But I don’t think that’s going to ever happen because we don’t live in a utopian world.

Tragedies happen every day. People die every second. Crime and Starvation are everywhere. 

And now we find comfort pretending to be happy.

Or, maybe we can only pretend to be happy?

Isn’t that what everyone does? Right, or are expected to behave like.

Even if people are not happy we expect them to pretend as if everything around them is going perfect because sadness is dark.

This is maybe because people are too stuck dealing with their own shit and do not wish to get involved in others.

Let me tell you one thing!

We, humans, are just like a moon. As light can’t reach every part of it, there remains darkness.

And, in all of us, there will always be a dark side that light can’t pass through. 

In life sometimes we’ve to be okay with all the things around us ‘not being okay

Gaurab Pokharel

Often times, we find ourselves creating fake light inside our arena of darkness. And suppress the situation with a pretty bright smile and some lies.

People might be aware of your situation but whether to act or stay silent is still their choice.

Gaurab Pokharel

Either we’re not ready or the world around us is not.

So, you’re left with no choice but to accept your unacceptable and life situations you didn’t get to choose.

I see it as an act of bravery and living gracefully even if you’ve to be in the jungle alone.

Life here is beautiful. The problem is not with our life or our time. We create problems and have made each other’s life miserable and terrifying at times.

The world is heading towards a dead end as long as we rely upon one’s opinion or idea of how the world should be or how one should live his/her life. 

Please leave your thoughts down below!

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14 thoughts on “Are You Happy or the One Pretending?

  1. Actually, I am pretending to be happy just because I don’t wanna make people that I m sad or suffering.
    Yes, I am pretending to be happy.
    But whenever I ask myself .. do I have any problem? And the answer is NO . I don’t have any problem but still I m pretending to be happy. And its mysterious to me ☺️.
    Great writing friend 👏

  2. “Often times, we find ourselves creating fake light inside our arena of darkness. And suppress the situation with a pretty bright smile and some lies.” Relating to this on spiritual level rn.

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