“A Mask for the Unmasked – Fake Smile”

When the term “fake smile” comes to my mind, I don’t just remember some receptionists or air hostesses whose job is to always smile no matter what’s going on inside of their mind.

And they are really good at it. Like, real good. I appreciate what they do though. But you know what, they are not alone, right? All of us have fake our smile ton of times in your life.

Fake smile?

Faking a smile is a common behavior that we tend to follow in order to escape from the unwanted reality that might hinder our comfortability if we don’t play an act on it. 

And it’s ironic that “fake smile” can be someone’s job. Like, companies pay for it. Though the majority of us are neither a receptionist nor an air hostess, if we were given money to every fake smile we had to make, then the word ‘poverty’ would have never been discovered.

But we live in reality, so we would rather have to find other solutions to be rich enough to fulfill our basic needs. 

Let’s be serious here, even though we are unpaid ‘employees’, we never disappoint our ‘employers’ which I meant by that is Life. Like faking a smile has been a major part of our genes always and forever. Our brain is wired to carry out that kind of behavior. 

Let’s face the reality

Hiding Inner Self - Fake Smile
“Fools are those that believe smiles are a sign of happiness.”

There is going to be tons of moment in our life when we have to fake a smile. We have to wear a mask so that our unmasked self recede from view. 

But, why?

  • Like, why do we really have to wear a mask and hide our inner self?
  • Why people just don’t accept who we truly are?

I began to ask myself this kind of innocent questions which had my mind triggered then when  I had just begun to let myself drown alone in ocean-like thoughts even though I didn’t know how to swim. I had to teach myself how to tackle that cause asking someone for the rescue wasn’t any option for me.  

As I grew older and became used to in fakingsmile, all of my questions regarding that term, began to answer my call. I realize, at times in life, we have to walk alone with barefoot and hide our teardrops and the pain of our private self.

As I had to kept on doing it I began to master the art out of it. I left literally no chance for people to spot my fake smile

They only saw me as a happy and fun-loving person who always make others laugh but little did they know, he died hundreds of times, inside. I controlled their opinion of me by not letting them walk through my pain or my life as a whole. 

I had expectations that some might turn up to me and say “You may always seem happy but I know you’re not.” Funny thing is, actually none of them did. 

As time went by, I put an end to my expectations and buried it somewhere into the sky which you always see now at night as stars. Because only stars could fulfill my expectations.

“A star in those souls, were never rescued. And I’m here to rescue for those who remain.”

  • Gaurab Pokharel

Why do we really fake our smile?

Some were full of hatred, some full of love, and some meant nothing, like strangers. Yeah, I’m talking about those to whom I had to fake my smile. 

Basically, it’s not just me, it’s the same for all of us. Isn’t it?

You fake a smile so that you can keep some negative, selfish, arrogant, rude, self-centered and patronizing people away from your lives. 

These are the kind of people who doesn’t care about your current situation or they are the main reason for your current situation. Deep down, you know they only make the situation worse. 

They belittle you, judge you, and pour false opinions over your matter without even knowing your story. Their opinions isn’t going to make a difference in your situation or can change your reality.

And you don’t want to wake up every morning feeling like shit just because they wrapped you in with their judgments, opinions, and devaluation. 

Do you, really?

What if we confess our unmasked self?

Even if you try to confess your unmasked self to them, they will intentionally disregard your confession and stick with their bullshit ideology

So keep them far off your problems, insecurities, or your private self that you should only allow to let in those who cared. 

To those who love us?

Because sometimes, it’s not just the people you hate or dislike or those who are strangers, to whom you fake your smile. It could be the person who you can’t think of a day or night not being around with. It could be your family, best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, or your well-wishers. 

You expect them to understand your emotions without your consent. You want them to take action and spot your fake smile but at the same time, you don’t want them to walk through your path full of uncertainty, sorrow or insecurities. 

Coping mechanism?

  • So, It’s your job to recognize those who care about your situation and those who never did. Because who never did will keep hurting your emotion and will keep draining your energy without adding any value to your life.
  • You need to know your value or worth before letting anyone into your life then completely shattered and devalue your feelings or you as an individual. 
  • Set your standard soon before others do it for you. Don’t you dare to let them do it, if you do, they will set it low. Set it yourself.
  • Love and respect yourself because 
  • Only you know yourself better.
  • Only you know your worth.
  • Only you know how much you’ve suffered.
  • Only you know the value of tears you shed.
  • Only You know the adjustments or sacrifices you’d to make.


With hundreds of sleepless nights and million teardrops, I have conquered and mastered over faking smile. And, you don’t have to go through that long process because I’m here to help you awake in your darkness. There’s always hope even if it’s too dark in your life.

“Only in the darkness, the moon and the stars are visible. And there is a moon and a star in every soul.” – Gaurab Pokharel

Do you need a rescue for your moon and star?

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  1. Each and every words are true and the last point was awesome.
    There should be some darkness to show the brightness of our life

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