Stuck Inbetween – Broken Poetry

I wanna say something but I’m short on words.

I wanna do something but I’m not in charge of my own will.

I wanna fly up to the sky but only if I had wings.

It was bitten to death by the unknown force.

I still wanna fly but then I realized.

I was never meant to fly even if I wanted to fly.

I always tell me, ” Just Quit”.

Even so, no force would want to let me.

Neither I can take actions nor can I quit.

Oh dear myself which position are you in.

I asked myself, “You happy or sad?”

My heart came up with “You’re stuck in-between”.

Maybe both or maybe none I’ll ever be.

Searching for a way out, I lost who I could’ve been.

Hopeless and Helpless, Shadow and Dark

That’s all I’m and I shall never grow.

Lonely and Sad. Painful but still numb.

That’s all I shall ever feel. As no light ever shines through me.

One second I feel like I own every Happiness

Then it’s all numb and filled with nothingness.

What am I to do?

Take me away, please. While

I’m asleep or wake.

Take me away please, even if I might not wanna go now.

Cause I know, in the end, I would always wanna go.

Complicated as it seems, that’s who I’ve always been.

Mistaken for life. And I’m paying the bills.

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