Your Dream is Worth Pursuing.

When I was little, I had tons of dreams that I said to myself that I’ll accomplish one day. 

I did not care if they were unreachable because I only had to dream about it and then taking action was not my thing.

As I grew older, I realized that I was so wrong to believe that I’d even accomplish it. Because I had many dreams and there’s no way I could possibly achieve it in a single day.

Remember, I said one day.

A child having no more than one dream is not a child at all. (Feel free to disagree.)

When I was a school-aged child, I dreamed about being an athlete and taking my country to the international level which today we still lack in some sports.

At the same time, I even pictured myself being a political leader and serving my country for the greater good. 

But I swear, I never dreamed about being a doctor or an engineer. Not because I was incapable but because (wait a minute) I think I should admit it. Yeah, I was not capable of it.

Being a Nepalese, I think our faces were distorted with rage when we were first taught in our schools that ‘Greater Nepal’ once existed. 

We ceded twice the land of our present territory to East India Company and discovering those facts at that age even embraced our love for the country. If not, at least for me.

I find it funny now that out of many dreams that I had growing up, reclaiming the land that was once ours was on the top of the list. If I’ve to be honest.

Maybe that is why I’m so fond of watching movies of war and history these days.

I doubt if you hadn’t dreamt about extending our boundaries when you were a school-aged child like I was.

Dreams seem impossible until we begin the process. Then only we’ll know.

This is a quote that tells you what makes your dream reality.
“The union of what you think and what you do with ‘what you think’ is what makes your dream reality.”

See it this way.

Regardless of who you think you’re, you were born in this world because the world knows that you’ve something to offer that no one can.

It may sound a bit cliche to you but do not deny that life here is worth living and your dream is worth pursuing.

You may not know now what your unique craft is but eventually, it will come to you as if it was always meant to.

No matter how sad, unhappy, and miserable your life is now, never give up on what you once believed in and always attract positivity to your mind

If you have only one thing that makes you happy over hundreds of things you worry about or have to struggle with in your current life, that one thing could be your guardian angel. Your lifesaver. Your hope. Your reason to still breathe.

Summon yourself, that you will not let those hundreds of things consume all of you instead try pouring love and care to that one thing as you do with flowers.

Once you start to focus on one thing that makes you happy in your life or makes you feel liveable, as the time being, it will start making an impact on every aspect of your life. Believe me.

What you think and what you believe makes who you are.

So, you’re responsible for the thoughts you think and the beliefs you believe.

If you succeed to make good choices with your thoughts, you will see the lights coming in.

You don’t have to agree because the majority of the people agree and you don’t have to disagree if you’re one of the minorities that supports the idea. Decide for yourself.

Gaurab Pokharel

We always can. 

These words may also sound melodramatic to you. 

But not to me. This is the set of mind that I followed in my dark days and I still summon myself to follow it till my last days. 

My Story

I was not a normal kid. Growing up with cleft lip and palate isn’t easy for any child, especially if they live in a world like this. The world, full of judgment. 

Where people form their opinion of others based on the visible form. Where people decide for those who have actual and only right to decide for themselves. 

It does not only set limitations in our livelihood but it also sets us apart from the rest of the world even though we’re so humane like them.

Growing up, I was mentally and emotionally bullied. Everyday while going out or going to school, I always had a fear in me that somebody might come to me and say something about how I look or sound. The worst part was I never defended myself. Never defended because I just couldn’t. 

I hated the stares. Some filled with hatred and some sympathetic. 

Let me tell you one thing, it’s not always about people’s comments, stares, and behavior towards us. 

As human beings, we communicate most of the time. We have opinions about things. And the opinions untold are worthless like ideas unexecuted. Right?

This is a quote.
“Opinions unexpressed, ideas unexecuted and plans unimplemented are always worthless.”

So, sometimes we can’t express ourselves to our utmost level. And that makes us sad. But no matter what we’ve to own our sadness and embrace it.

There could be plenty of consequences along the journey. It is not only tough for a child to grow up having cleft palate and lip but also for the family that plays an important role for any children to grow up.

It will take more of your time if I continue talking about my whole journey with this situation. Hopefully, I will share it on my upcoming blog post.

For now, I would like to share one last thing.

I never had a single person ever ask me about my experience having to live with cleft palate and lip. Not then, not now. 

Like is it affecting your daily life experiences, the dream that you want to pursue, or the career you want to choose?

I don’t know why others didn’t, which is the least I care now. But what I can tell you about my family is, I felt like they never treated me like I was different. They loved me for who I am. It was unconditional. 

And that’s how it is. One hope. One reason. That’s how powerful it is to focus on one good thing even if you’re stuck with many problems. I didn’t want anybody to see me as weak because I already had it enough.

Tears shed. Pain felt. Insecurities dealt with. Depression faced. Fear struggled with. 

The cause, a fate that I didn’t choose, and mostly those people who have nothing to do with my life. 

As I’m an introvert, I observed things in a deep sense. And, I had my spiritual calling that nothing around me can change my way of living, thinking but only me. 

The point I’m trying to make here by sharing this story is, it is you, only you that has the power to change your life and accomplish the dream you want to pursue in your life.

Other people will try to screw you and will make your situation even worse. So, you’ve to be prepared and aware that under any circumstances you decide for yourself, you listen to your own instincts not influenced by any negative toxic people. 

Be vulnerable. Take risks. Living the life of regret will be even more painful than the life you’re facing right now.

You’re responsible for who you become in your life, not your family members or friends. 

The union of what you think and what you do of ‘what you think’ is what makes your dream reality.

Gaurab Pokharel

Think but also Do.

Please share your thoughts too. The world needs to hear what you’ve to say. 

Comment down below!

Thank You!

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  1. Each and every words here positivity inside.
    And the verse “what you thing and what you believe makes who you are.”
    It feels good by reading this.

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